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Lisa Catera and John Phoenix

Real Kansas City Wedding Proposal Stories


Jennifer & Shahzad

I'd love to tell you my proposal story! It is so romantic and I'm now the envy of all my girlfriends.It was quite recently, actually - this past Labor Day weekend. My fiance, Shahzad, had planned a surprise weekend trip for the two of us, which didn't seem so strange because we do that sort of thing a lot. So when we started driving west from St. Louis (our hometown), I didn't know where we'd end up.

Well, we got to Kansas City and turned north, heading in the direction of Iowa. I kept saying to him; "Have you ever BEEN to Iowa? Do you realize there's nothing there but CORN?" He just smiled and told me to wait and see.

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Lisa & Brian

Brian and I met through an online personals/dating service. We talked online for a week, over the phone and online for another week, and then we had our first date. It only took about two weeks and we knew that we were perfect for each other.

After dating for three months Brian came home one day with a package which he sat on the mantel over the fireplace and told me that I could not look in it. Since we had been talking about getting married, I assumed it was an engagement ring. He left it there for two weeks and I did not peek.

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Paula & Anthony

"If you have family, friends, health and music, what more do you need?" --Anthony Birkholz

I met the love of my life on the Internet. We did not meet in a chat room, on a message board, at a public site or through the personals. Meeting someone on the Internet or anywhere else, for that matter, didn't even occur to me. Starting a relationship was the last thing on my mind.

It all started when a girlfriend asked me to go to Austin, Texas for the weekend. We were both separated and going through a divorce and needed to get away from that stress and familiarity of our rural town of 4,000.. I enjoy singing, and especially karaoke, and wanted to do that while we were there. But, where to go? Then I had a brain storm. I decided to go to the AOL member directory and find someone who lived in Austin and ask them. I found several profiles of Austin residents, including Anthony's. I sent him an e-mail asking where to go for karaoke in Austin. His personal quote was: "If you have family, friends, health and music, what more do you need?" It really touched my heart and I told him so.

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Angela & Adam

It is a day I'll never forget. The 4th of July. He had told me he had to work on this Jeep he had just bought off a guy at work. So I figured the day was probably going to be spent just working on getting the jeep running. He had mentioned going to a fire works stand and getting our own fireworks. The day went flying by and we still hadn't been to town to get anything. We came in from working on his car when he asked me to go find him somthing to wear. I came back out, he got changed, and we headed for town.. We live near an airforce base at which he is a staff sargent. It was kind of fun getting to drive along and watch the fireworks. He tried his best to get me there but, we missed them.

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Ken & Tiffany

Sunday of last week, I asked one of my friends, Michael, to send a mass e-mail to all of our church friends about getting together this weekend to go to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens, followed by an IMAX movie and dinner. On Monday, he created the e-mail.

Knowing how much Tiffany loves flowers, movies, and going out to eat, I then forwarded the e-mail to her to she what she thought. She replied, 'Awesome!'.

Tiffany loves teddy bears, so I thought about incorporating them into the scheme. After searching for hours, I found two cute female teddy bears, one of which (the blue one) I converted to a male by placing a bow tie on him.

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Keri & Jerimiah

The way my fiance Jeremiah proposed was very romantic - to me anyway! Every year, on Father's Day weekend, we go to a car show in Pismo Beach, Ca. Well, Jeremiah and I had been talking about marriage for a while, but Jeremiah was always put it off, saying that he couldn't afford to support me at the time.

This past year when we went to the car show, he suggested we go for a walk on the beach on the Friday night. I really wasn't up for it, but agreed to go anyway. As we walked, we were talking about the future and about having kids when he suddenly decided he wanted to sit in the sand.

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Jeni & Sean

Here's the proposal of my dreams!

Sean and I went to New Jersey to visit with his family this past December. We planned a day trip into New York City with his Mom, Dad and brother and I was so excited! I had never been there when it was decorated for the Christmas holiday. It was extremely cold, especially for me because I'm from Florida!

We spent all day doing the "tourist" things and as the day went on we started to lose steam. Night had fallen and we finally made it to Times Square.

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Mesa & William

My fiance and I were getting ready to move eight hours south to Miami from Tallahassee, Florida for his one year internship for his schooling as a pharmacist. Well, we were leaving behind our friends and family to move there, and it is his last year of school, so his mom and I decided to throw him a big suprise going away party to honor him.

We chose a random date of April 17 because we had to be in Miami by May 1. We picked a Saturday night. We got his best friend to come in from Jacksonville, and we invited people from high school, and all his freinds, and mine, and ours, and all our families were there.. about 80 people total. We rented a little "club" with a DJ that is underneath a resturaunt in Tallahassee, and had food and a big cake and beer and all! Anyway, we told him we were going to dinner with some freinds of ours and their parents.

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Francesca & Fernando

This is how my soulmate Fernando proposed... we are to be married on April 13th 2002..

On their heavenly night the clock striked 12:00. Not a sound was heard not even the voices in the dark announcing the new year as it stirred. He whispered in her ear..."follow me." As he places her coat gently on her back...her scarf wrapped with love...her hat sat quietly as it covered the surprise that awaited her in the night. In his left hand he held two glasses... one wine...the Henkell Trocken 1856 gripped firmly waiting patiently for it's cork to be popped and glasses to be toasted. In his right hand a cigar was smoking and as he led her towards the door marked "exit"...all that remained behind was the smoke exhaled from the lips she kissed on this new year. He opens the door for her...she steps outside.

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Ted & Tanya

How They Met....

They met on ICQ. Yes, another online relationship! Ted did a search based on interests and was looking for someone in Montana that would be interested in going hiking and going on photography trips with him. Out of four hundred names he picked Tanya's.

They talked online for about three weeks. On May 22, a Saturday night, they talked on the computer for seven hours. They discovered that they worked about 1/4 mile apart, and lived right over the hill from each other.

Tanya's son was flying back to West Virginia to see his dad for the summer and she wanted some good pictures of her and Duane before he left. That night she asked Ted if he would meet her at the park the next day and take the pictures for her. Finally, they were going to meet in person.

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Heidi & Robbie

My name is Heidi and my fiance's name is Robert (or Robbie!). I live in Denver, Colorado and he is currently stationed at Lajes Field, in the Azores, just off the coast of Portugal. Talk about a long distance relationship!

Anyway, Robbie Instant Message'd me one day, just to chat and to relieve some boredom he told me. We were chat buddies for the longest time, since I really wasn't looking to get involved with anyone - especially off the 'Net, and someone who was almost 5000 miles away! But gradually, our mutual respect turned to love and it hit us like a ton of bricks. The emails got more intimate, the phone calls got longer, and the hours we spent chatting just went on and on.

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Michelle & Chris

My fiance, Chris is stationed in North Carolina and I live in Virginia. So when he came home the day before my birthday, needless to say I was very excited. I went to work later that day with the thought that "this will be a chance for him to shop for my b-day gift". I called him, and sure enough, he was at home. By 9 :30 pm he was at my job to hang out. The night came and went, and no mention of plans for my b-day, except the reminder that his family and my family were having lunch together for my birthday. I kissed him good night, and he drove off.

The following morning, he called me at 9 am. "Hey, get ready we're going to the mall to get your gift," he said. Astonished, I got ready without excitement. By this time, I was asking myself 'What am I doing with this non-romantic, thoughtless guy?'. But I let it go, because I figured we all have our faults.

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Sarah & Jack

Here is the story of how the man of my dreams proposed to me. It's so romatic, I love to share it with everyone.


My fiancee Jack has the most exciting way of getting involved in my life. He showed this last summer when he asked me to marry him. I had taken a job working in one of the food booths at the Renaissance Faire for something fun to do on my weekends. The Faire is a festival of renewal, growth, and breaking free from past oppressions to new knowledge and opportunity.

On one day I had invitied Jack to meet me there and join in the festivities. He had never been to the Faire before, so I expected to see him drop by my booth from time to time with his brother or a friend as they explored the many fascinating exhibits and artisans' booths .

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Michele & Nick

My fiance Nick and I went over to my parents place to give my mom her birthday present (it was the day after). Nick had said he wanted to go to the city afterward, so when we left my parents house we drove to San Francisco. He took me to this spot that I had never been to before, but had wanted to go. It is a place right on the ocean where a hotel used to be that has been burnt down for years. So we were walking all over the place, and then we were standing in this wide open space looking at the waves hit the rocks below us. It was windy so he was holding me. He called me by my name, and when I looked at him, he asked me if I would spend the rest of my life with him. I told him yes, and then he pulled out this heart shaped ring, with a heart shaped diamond, and asked me if I would marry him. Of course I said yes.


Arnisha & Eddie

My fiance Eddie and I were in the basement one night, just talking about different things. One conversation led to one fit of laughter after another.

He then said, "Would you marry me?". I replied, "Right", and told him to stop playing. We had always said our "what ifs" when speaking of marriage, but nothing serious. He didn't respond back to my reply, so I just knew he was playing. No more was ever mentioned after that about marriage.

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Bill & Meredith

My fiance Bill asked me to go along with him on December 24 to do errands - mainly to pick up a gift certificate at the Kennedy Center for his mother's present. Knowing that Bill isn't the best with directions, AND knowing that with both, rather large families in town, time alone together was a precious commodity, I quickly agreed.

With the snow on the ground and it being Christmas Eve, we decided we'd stop by the National Christmas Tree. Both of us relish the fact that we live in one of the most powerful cities on Earth - we like having the Capitol and White House practically in our backyard. We're also big fans of Christmas - probably our favorite time of the year. So it made it very special to be able to see the National Christmas Tree actually on December 24!

However, the Kennedy Center hadn't cleared its schedule with Bill's plan. The computers were down for about half-an-hour (and he couldn't just pay cash for the certificate) so we really got delayed. Knowing we were going to 6:00 Mass, and it already being 3:00 at the Kennedy Center, I wasn't sure if we'd be able to get out and walk around the Tree. Perhaps we could just drive by the Ellipse? Bill was pretty adamant about getting out, so we agreed they'd do it quickly.

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