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Ted & Tanya, continued

He drove past her 3 times, and after the third time she gathered up the kids (Duane's friend, Meghann, was with them) and went to a pay phone. She left a message for him to meet her in the parking lot of her office building. He pulled into the parking lot and got out of his truck and she fell head over heals then and there. He took one look at her and thought "Wow."

As they talked and came to know each other better, they realized that everything they thought they knew about love and relationships had went out the window.

Duane thought the world of Ted. He never got attached to anyone so quickly. He left for the summer to go back east to see his dad. Whenever he would call and talk to his mom, he would be on the phone for about 5 minutes, then want to talk to Ted. It was a conspiracy!

Tanya, though, was thrilled that Duane thought so highly of Ted. One of the requirements of being a single mom - you have to find a man that will love and want your child as much as he loves you. She found that man in Ted. Duane couldn't wait to get home to Montana so he could go racing with Ted. He was the one that kept asking about "marrying my mom."

They were on their way to a moto-cross race in Missoula when Duane turned and looked in Ted's direction. "Ted, when are you going to marry my mom so I can call you 'Dad'?"

Ted almost choked on his Mountain Dew and looks at Tanya. "I had nothing to do with this!", she said.

Ted looked back at Duane and told him that they were waiting to make sure it was okay with him first.

"Yes! It's ok with me! Can you get married at the race?" Ahh, the excitement and impatience of a child!

Ted told him no, that he had to get his mom a ring and ask her first.

"Well, you can ask her now. She will say 'yes' - I know it." Tanya told Duane to calm down, that Ted would ask her when he was ready.

The Engagement...

Tanya decided that she would take Ted out to dinner on the 23rd of September. There were a lot of reasons to celebrate. During the dinner they were discussing Duane's "concerns" and rings, etc. After dinner they were going to look at rings and get an idea of what style would look good on her finger. They found a teardrop solitaire that they both thought was beautiful, and the ring looked great on her hand. She handed it back to the lady and made a mental note of size and shape for future searches.

The next day, when Ted came home from work, Tanya was upstairs using his computer to print out resumes. She heard him come in the room and turned to see him on one knee on the floor. Instantly weak in the knees, she sat down. Ted got a grin on his face and called for Duane.

"Is it ok if I marry your mom?" (Tanya was tearing up at this point.)

Duane grinned and said, "Yes, but can we still do guy things?" Ted looked at him and told them that they would, but marrying his mom meant that he would be around all the time now.

"Cool! It's about time you asked her!", squealed Duane. So Ted then turned to Tanya, who was a mess at this point, and asked her if she would be his wife. She got down on her knees in front of him and said "yes."

He pulled out the box and opened it to reveal the solitaire from the night before, and slipped the ring on her finger. It was so beautiful! Duane was standing there the whole time and wanted to see her "wedding present."

"Cool, Mom, I have a present for you, too." He handed his mom a shiny 1999 penny, which she then put into the ring box. Then Duane shouted, "Family hug!" and all three of them hugged each other right there on the floor. Duane whispered to his mom, "Now will you get married?!?!?"