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Michelle and Chris, continued

So, we walked the mall. He realizes that "you're not your usual self," but I did not reply. He tells me I can go to any of the stores and pick out anything I want. Now really annoyed, I asked him why he could not pick out my present, and that it would be more appreciated that way. His annoying reply was..."I don't know what you want, so go ahead."

What made this more irritating was the fact that it was so funny to him!!!! After 20 minutes he told me I was taking too long. We entered a store, I sat down and told him to pick whatever he wants for me. He did, paid for them, and handed me the bag with, " Here, happy birthday" and a peck on the cheek. On the way home, we stopped to get my nails done.

We came back home. By this time I had already opened the bag and there were three shirts. I thanked him and began to get ready for lunch. Traffic, as you know it, made us late for lunch with our parents, but we arrived there safely.

Throughout lunch, I was still annoyed for the fact that I felt so un-important. There was minimal talk between us, but most enjoyed. Then he asked me if I wanted dessert. I said no. Then again, and again, and again. Now, he was really getting on my nerves. After the waiter left, he stood up behind my chair and put his hands on my shoulders. Then he made a speech.... I kept telling him to sit down, but all of them were giggling. I covered my face with my hands...embarrased, that he was saying all this stuff about me.

Then I turned around, and he was on his knee with tears in his eyes. He pulled out a velvet box with a beautiful diamond marquis cut ring. He took it out of the box and asked me to marry him.... then he said, "Don't turn down your birthday present".