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Mesa & William, continued

So we got there, and he walks in, and it was all decorated with streamers and balloons... (his mom and I did it that morning...). He walked in and it was kind of dark so he walked right by his best friend and didn't even realize what was going on. Then we all said Suprise! It's for you!'

He was so happy, and we had such a good time with everyone! It was a blast and later on that night he had told Greg, his best friend soon to be best man), that he had a ring in his truck and he wanted to propose tonight... he was just waiting for the perfect time... So he and his friend went out to his truck and came back in and Greg said, "Ok everyone, gather around... William would like to make an announcement and thank everyone for coming". So I thought nothing of it!

We all sat around on the bar stools and couches and I could tell he was nervous. He started rambling and kept thanking everyone for coming and kept saying how much we'd miss them, and that we love them... and then he said, "Okay one more thing...", and he grabbed my hand and pulled me off the couch and got down on one knee and said, "Mesa...will you be my wife?"

Of course, I was sobbing... and said 'Yes!'. I couldn't even see the ring underneath all my tears of joy. Everyone was crying and all my friends were gathered around looking and my hand...

Turns out it was a ring I had picked out when we'd gone looking at rings, but he had said "Nah... that's too expensive."

Well, we danced the night away and had so much fun and have set our wedding date for August 12, 2000. I can't wait! Turns out when he said he was going out with his friends the previous night he actually took my parents and my brother to dinner and asked them all for my hand . What a sweetie!

That's my story... Hope you enjoyed it!