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Jeni and Sean, continued

We were so tired at this point and slowly headed back towards the car. Sean said he wanted to take a picture of us in the middle of Times Square.

A picture of us standing on the sidewalk was not good enough.

He dragged all of us across crazy traffic onto a small strip of median. He propped me up on this ledge and asked his Mom to take a picture of us. After a couple of pictures I jumped off the ledge and started reaching for my bag.

As I looked up Sean was getting down on one knee and began to propose!

I was so excited and in such shock that I don't remember exactly what he said!!! Cars were stopped at the red light watching and honking and passers by stopped to get a glimpse.

Of course I said yes! That was a night I will never forget. Sean and I are eagerly awaiting our special day on August 25, 2001 in St. Augustine, Florida.