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Heidi and Robbie, continued

One day, in September, Robbie calls me, whilst he's on duty (he's a firefighter in the Airforce) and I'm beginning to think something major is going wrong, since he never called me on duty before. We chat for a few minutes, but I can SENSE something is happening, because Robbie's not talking the way he normally does.

All of a sudden, I hear his Chief's voice in the background yelling "Well, have you asked her yet?" and Robbie says "No".

And that's when he said:

"I know this isn't the most romantic way to do this, but you know I love you more than life itself. With all my fire fighters standing behind me, and my Chief breathing down my neck, would you do me the honor of marrying me and making me the happiest man on earth?".

I could hardly believe this and yelled "Yes!" and even the guys heard it! After a few moments, and the fire fighter's yelling and whooping, Chief said, "That's enough. Now back on duty!" and Robbie had to sign off the phone.

Now, Robbie and I may have not met the conventional way, but we truly love each other, and not a day goes by that I don't thank God for bringing him into my life.

Our wedding is planned for 30th September 200 at the United States Airforce Academy, and nothing is going to make me prouder, than to be Robbie's wife....