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Francesca & Fernando, continued

The night was perfect...not too cold...not too dark...just right. Her eyes are directed to a sweet sound up ahead...bells she she looks out...from a distance...there approaching were two blonde horses. His lips speak..."Our ride is here"...she thinks..."ya right"...but a voice calls out his name.

She is consumed with surprise. The stars reflect in her eyes as they shine she watches him lead the way to the sleigh. They both climb in and Pierre hails the way. The stars in the sky light the night...the trees cast their shadows marking this night...our black and white night. He tries his best to pop the cork without startling the horses...but like old Fords they accelerate..."Wow"... Pierre murmurs. As they both sit quietly cuddled together...he hands her a letter he wrote for her on August 31st.

She is asked to read this letter as he carefully holds his lighter near her and as he tries to maintain the flame, the soft wind blowing prevents her from reading on. Up ahead there stood a source of light marking the intersection...marking our corner. He asks Pierre, "Could you please stop at the light up ahead?" Pierre replies "oui...bien sur." The horses stop on command and as she reads the last word out magic the horses begin to gallop once again.

"I wrote this 6 months ago till the day, and I would like to change a few words ... I would like you to be the mother of my children...I would like you to be my wife."

"Oh baby"... she replies..."Yes." He unpins the ring hidden in his coat...she hears a tinkle as he drops his star in the glass of champagne...she drinks his love and as she hands him the ring...her soulmate places the Northern Star on her finger forever.

I love you my love...I loved you then...I love you now...I will love you forever. To my soulmate Fernando... From his soulmate Francesca.