Choosing your Wedding Day Venues/Reception site is the Key

Wedding venues and reception sites can dictate a lot about your wedding plans so make sure you know what you want and understand what you don't want before you pick a wedding venue / reception location. You don't have to be Kim Kardashian to have an over-the-top wedding venue, but hopefully before you spend millions to get married, you understand more than Kim and Kris did that those wedding vows that you took, the ones that go "till death do us part," imply your marriage is expected to last longer than the honeymoon. In fact Ms. Manners would probably be the first to say that it is a demonstration of poor manners that Kim Kardashian ended her marriage on the airplane ride home from the honeymoon itself. But one thing that every bride did learn from the Kardashian wedding - which lasted longer than the marriage - was to pick a wedding venue or reception site location that fits the plans you have for your event.

Kim Kardashian may have missed the main point of having a wedding venue, but she did it get right when it came to planning a kicking good event. Kim understood what all brides do, and that is where you get married can set the tone for the formality of your venue ceremony and dictate the size of your event as well. With this in mind, it is important to select a wedding venue or reception site that can meet your expectations on your wedding day so that you get the ultimate ceremony venue of your dreams, whatever that may be. You don't want to plan your wedding invitations around a size limitation dictated by the location of your ceremony and venue or reception site or outside venue when it should be the other way around.

A good place to start narrowing down wedding venues and reception sites is by starting a list on Google "Wedding Venues and Reception Halls in Kansas City" being of what you want your event venue to ultimately look like. Is it big or small, indoor or outdoor venue, formal or informal venue? Are you open to suggestions about your wedding venue or do you have a firm idea about what you want in a reception site? Brides tend to fall into two camps when it comes to wedding venues. Either they are open to planning as they go, or they have had the wedding planned since they were twelve and the groom was just the last piece of the puzzle to fall in place. Kris Humphries may be one of those grooms who agree that the wedding venue he participated in was more for the sake of the planning than any intent to be his bride long-term. Hopefully if you're a future bride planning your wedding venue you have this in mind as a "not to do" on your long list of things to accomplish for your special day.

If you are one of those brides in the first camp and are open to wedding venues, keep an open mind as you plan where to say your "I do" since you never know where inspiration and romance will strike, and you may find yourself with the perfect location to begin your new conjoined lives together that was never even on your list.

Hopefully at the end of your honeymoon you can look back on your wedding ceremony and your reception fun as the start of your life together and not just as a practice run for marriage. Wedding Venues and Reception sites can make or break your wonderful wedding day.

Thank you, we look forward to meeting you.

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